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Digital feature: Scan & Pay

The newest innovative service provided by Raiffeisen Bank, offers you the opportunity to pay through Raiffeisen ON application in a wide number of merchants within the country.

The easiest and fastest way by scanning a QR image created at cash desk / cash out, to make all your purchases in just a few seconds.

We are the first in Albania to offer this service, and we always come closer to you with continuous innovations. 
This service is free of charge for all individuals customers through Raiffeisen ON App.

Fast secure payment transfer from customer account to merchant account
Lower commissions compared to card payments
Real-time payment verification and analytical report
Multi-functional (ECR, E-Commerce, EFT POS, Mobile)

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Merchants who currently offer this service

  • Spar - TEG and QTU shopping center
  • Neptun - TEG shopping center
  • Shpresa AL - All stores and online
  • Globe Shop - GLOBE Shopping Center
  • Max Optica - QTU Shopping Center & Wilson Square
  • Arteg - TEG shopping center
  • Alviero Martini - All stores
  • American Fitness –  Kavaja Str., Near'Lana Park'Building
  • Avatars  –  Online tek
  • PC Store –  Dibra Str.
  • Mango – TEG and QTU shopping center
  • Miniso (Mirage Retail And Consulting) - QTU shopping center

  • Okaidi –  TEG and QTU shopping center, Myslym Shyri Str.
  • Springfield – TEG shopping center
  • Cortefiel – TEG shopping center
  • Prenatal  – TEG shopping center
  • Parfois  – TEG and QTU shopping center
  • Buy Smart Store – Mine Peza Str.
  • MAC (Orbico) - Sami Frashëri Str.
  • Carpisa –  TEG and QTU shopping center, Myslym Shyri Str.
  • Women'Secret  – Qendra tregtare TEG
  • Geox – Qendra tregtare TEG dhe QTU
  • Sun Wellnes Center dhe Sun Fit -  Sun Hill Residence, Kodra e Diellit
  • Jumbo - TEG and QTU shopping center
  • Anais - Shop Elbasan Str.

Fees and Commissions for Merchants:

OpenPay installation fee to the Marchant / Points of sale (for e-Commerce or Mobile application)

1200 LEK

* Note: This fee does not include physical installations or visits from OpenPay to the Merchant location.

Fixed Fee/ for points of sale. This fee will be applicable if the monthly total number or transactions from OpenPay will be less than 20.

350 LEK

Merchant Mobile application commissions

Min 0.50%, Max 1.25% (negotiable and% over the sales volume of the Merchant.

POS Integrated Payments Commission

Min 0.50%, Max 1.25% (negotiable and% over the sales volume of the Merchant.

E-Commerce Payments Commission

Min 0.50%, Max 1.25% (negotiable and% over the sales volume of the Merchant.


* Note: All fees are with V.A.T