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Frequently Asked Questions

The digital platform Raiffeisen ON is an electronic banking service offered, by which you could perform different transactions using your computer, tablet or mobile. You could check your accounts, savings, loans or transfer money between your accounts in Raiffeisen Bank, in other banks within the country and abroad, pay utility bills, pay your credit card and more.

To become a client of this service you need:

1. At least to have one open current account in our bank

2. Apply online or come in one of our branches to receives this service

Yes, you can become Raiffeisen Bank customer by opening an online account throughRaiffeisen ON application.

You can become bank customer online through Raiffeisen ON application and by following the steps below:

1. Download Raiffeisen ON application from app/play store

2. Open the application and click on "Register"

3. Fill in your personal data carefully and enter the activation code that comes to you by SMS

4. If you have not received the code, resend it by clicking "Resend code".

5. Create the PIN code to access Raiffeisen ON and continue with the registration in Eurotrust.               

If you do not have a profile in Evrotrust, create it now. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.

Create the password, which you can use in cases when you forget the PIN code at Evrotrust.

Scan the identification document, check and make the necessary corrections if the data is not correct.

Now it's time for 'selfie' :) make your face identification. Position the phone's camera in the right place and angle

6. Application activated successfully. Enter the PIN code you created and sign the online form to confirm your personal details.

7. Complete the registration by filling in some other data about income and residence.

8. Select the services you want to use and fill in the tax and citizenship information.

9. Now you can choose the package that is most suitable for you and continue.

10. Complete the registration by checking and signing all the documents for opening your account.

11. Welcome to Raiffeisen Bank. Pleasant use of Raiffeisen ON

You can apply for Personal Loan Online through our mobile banking app “Raiffeisen ON” accessible 24/7 . Click on the menu “Product Application” to start your application.

You must be an Albanian citizen, with residence and employment within Albanian territory
You must have salary income, which must be insured.
If you are employed in a state institution, you must have at least one salary credited in your account (Raiffeisen Bank or other banks)
If you are employed in a private institution, you must have at least 6 salaries (credited in bank account or not)

You must be an Albanian citizen, with residence and employment within Albanian territory
If you are a salary depositor in Raiffeisen Bank, you only need the Family certificate of the last month, downloaded from E-Albania
If your payroll is in other banks, the needed documents are:
  - Family Certificate of the last month, downloaded from E-Albania
  - Income Certificate of the last month, downloaded from E-Albania
  - Valid ID Card Click on the menu “Product Application” to start your application.

Application of the loan through Raiffeisen On app is entirely online. After you have completed your application, you need to register to sign the documents of Online Loan.
Once that the loan is approved, you will be able to sign online all the relevant documents of the loan.

At the menu “Product Application”, you can see the status of your application in real time.
If you have any question or uncertainty about the status of your application, or you need any kind of support to complete it, you may contact us via phone number +355 4 2 381 381 or via email address:;

To better assist you in the usage of Raiffeisen ON platform, there are available:

1. Tutorial/Demo which will inform you over the characteristics and different functionalities of the platform

2. For technical service please contact the number +355 4 2 381 381

3. For technical service please contact the mail address

If you already have joined Raiffeisen ON, access could be enable:

1. On the web page through username and password created during online registration

2. In mobile app for Android or IOS (which could be downloaded respectively in Play Store and APP Store) via the 4 digits PIN created by you during the mobile activation

3. If you have not yet join Raiffeisen ON, we kindly invite you to perform yourself the online registration process or come in one of our branches for registration

Access in blocked for 24 hours. You could wait and retry to access it with the same credentials after this time frame has expired (if you remember them). Or you can start the online registration process from the beginning, and create new credentials (username & password). Every time you will do re-enrollment your rights will be limited, it means that you cannot perform payments toward third parties. To receive full rights, you have to come in one of our branches

This error means that you have limited rights because you did online registration process or you have re-created your credentials (when performing re-enrollment process). To receive full rights, you have to come in one of our branches.

1. Log in web

2. Click the button up in the right corner, close to log out button

3. You will be required to enter the existing password

4. Enter the new password

5. Riconfirm the new password

6. Click confirm button and an SMS will be sent to your mobile number

7. Enter the code you will receive

8. Click confirm and the password is updated

In web in the address click on the question “Did you forget your username or password?” and automatically you will be directed in the first step of online registration. Please complete the online registration on 3 steps, and choose a new username and password. Every time you will do this process you will have limited rights and you cannot perform payments towards third parties.

First: Click on the "Register" button and follow the steps:

1.Complete the personal data declared in the bank (name, surname, personal number/ID, mobile number, e-mail).

2. Enter the 6-digit number that comes to you via SMS on your phone.

3. Create Username and Password

4. Create the 4-digit PIN that you will need to access the application and confirm payments.

5. Click the Activate button

Second: You must be registered for the web service (online or in branch) and follow the steps

1. Enter in web

2. Click the menu on the left side

3. Select Mobile application

4. Click Activate Mobile

5. A code via sms will be delivered at your mobile number

6. Input this code in web at the open window

7. Click confirm

8. A QR code image (black & white) will be generated

9. At the mean time you have to download the mobile app Raiffeisen ON (play Store or APP Store)

10. In mobile click the menu below "Mobile"

11. Click Activate Mobile

12. Scan with the camera the image shown in web

13. A window to input the existing PIN (4 digits) and reconfirm will be displayed

14. Create the 4 digit PIN you want and reconfirm it

*Note : The PIN you have created will be used to log in in mobile application and confirm your payments.

If PIN/OTP is inputted 5 times wrong, access in mobile app will be blocked for 60 minutes. After this time period will expire user could be reactivated with the correct login. If also the PIN will be wrong, the access still will be blocked for another 60 minutes, giving you the possibility to retry after this time frame to reactivate with the correct PIN. In case also it fails after this tentative the security element will be blocked and you have to come in one of our branches for reactivation. In case you do not remember the PIN and the first tentative fails, we suggest that after the waiting period to perform mobile reactivation in order not to go in branches to unblock the security element.

Raiffeisen ON service is available 24/7 and it is accessible from any country in the world.

There are no limits in the platform for:

1. Within account transactions

2. Utility bills / Treasury paymentThere are limits in the platform toward payment with third parties depending on the channel and security element used, please refer to the table below.

user profile                  security element                   limit/txn (eur)                daily limit (eur)              channel                 payment signing


retail PI                          sms otp                                  3,000                               3,000                                  web                         sms otp

retail PI                         mobile token                          5,000                               7,000                                  web                         mobile token

retail PI                         mobile cronto                        15,000                              20,000                               web                         mobile cronto

retail PI                         HW cronto                              50,000                             75,000                                web                         HW cronto > 15,000 , MB Cronto <=15,000

retail PI                         mobile token                         3,000                                3,000                                 mobile                     mobile token

Raiffeisen On platform has NO commissions for application or monthly maintenance/usage fee. Only in case client would like to have advance security elements, there will be only one time fee (paid in the beginning) according the table below.


Security Element                          Commission

Mobile Token                                    ZERO

Mobile Cronto                                  500 ALL (only once)

HW Cronto                                        8.000 ALL (only once)

Yes, you could share your account / IBAN details from your mobile phone. Follow the steps below :

1. Log in with PIN in mobile

2. Click the menu on the left

3. Select one of the accounts displayed

4. Click in the right below corner a plus button highlighted in yellow

5. Select share and your account /IBAN will be sent to everyone via (E-mail; Whatsappp; Viber, Message etc.)

Yes, through Raiffeisen ON platform you could perform payment or transfer during night or weened 24/7

For transfer within your bank accounts, could be used only the account currencies (debit account and credit accounts). While for transfers outside the bank (within the country) and abroad, you could use all foreign currencies. A list of foreign currencies will be displayed if you click at Currency field during the payment process.

Transaction history will be shown for 1-year period at transaction history.

Your account balance will be updated immediately after you do a ATM withdrawal.

Beside the pop up message that payment has been executed successfully, you will find this payment with status “processed” at the menu Payment Overview. In the right side on this menu click the button and select debit advice option. A pdf document will be generated with all your payment details (same in web and mobile).

First way:

1 - Enter in web

2 - Click Application Mobile

3 - Click button Block

Second way: Call bank at the number put at your disposal 355 4 2 381 381

3rd way: Go in one of our branchesIn one of these 3 ways access in mobile will be blocked and no one could misuse your account. To re activate the mobile application you have to start over the activation process.

To get informed on platform security, please click here:

Terms & Conditions could be found or downloaded in this address

1. Enter in mobile or web platform

2. Click on the menu ATM/Branch and the list of our ATM/branches will be displayed

3. Select the ATM/branch you want and information will be shown for this specific ATM/branch

4. You can also select the option “Direction” and the fastest route to go in the desired ATM/branches will be displayed

No, there are no application or monthly charges for mobile app and web.

We would like to inform you that due to some restrictions please instead of special letters “ë” and “ç” use standard letters “e” and “c” during online enrollment process. Example instead of Ndriçim write Ndricim or instead of Engjëll you should write Engjell.