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A gift for your day!

Make purchases only with Raiffeisen Bank cards and be rewarded with 8% cashback

Terms of the campaign

March 8th is an occasion to celebrate the strength and courage of women who keep us moving forward every day. Raiffeisen Bank has thought of you, so we want to bring you a gift for this special day. 

To take advantage of the offer, you just need to use one of our credit and debit cards during the period 6-8 March, at all the Points of Sale (POS/E-commerce) within the country. 


March 6th up to March 08th 2024.

Minimum transaction

Minimum amount of purchases to benefit from cashback: 8,000 Lek / 80 Euro

All cardholders

All women cardholders will benefit from this offer (PI Mass & PRM). 

All Credit Cards

All types of individuals debit and credit cards are included along with add-on products and Smartpay. 

8% cashback

8% cashback for all actions performed at POS & E-Commerce within the country

Maximum amount

The maximum amount of cashback that can be obtained at the customer level is 8,000 Lek / 80 Euro

Cashback transferring time

The cashback value will be credited two weeks after the end of the campaign