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Get 10% cashback and buy gifts for love!

This Valentine make purchases only with credit cards and be rewarded with 10% cashback.

Terms of the campaign

To profit from this offer you only need to purchase gifts for your loved ones using your Raiffeisen Bank credit cards (Standard, Gold, or World), in all domestic Point of sale (POS-es).

For all POS domestic transactions processed during the campaign period, using your main Credit Card or supplementary products such as Payband & Sticker, you will receive 10% Cashback of the amount purchases, which will be credited on your credit card account.


February 12th up to February 18th 2024.

Minimum transaction

Minimum transaction amount to be eligible for cashback, on customer level: 5,000 Lekë / 50 Euro.

All cardholders

All individual customers are eligible (PI Mass, PRM & RBAL, RIAL, RLAL Staff).

All Credit Cards

All types of Credit Cards will be included (Standard, Gold, and World, also their supplementary products Smartpay and Payband).

10% cashback

10% cashback for all purchases performed in Domestic POS & E-commerce.

Maximum amount

The maximum amount of cashback on customer level will be 10,000 Lekë / 100 Eur.

Cashback transferring time

The amount of 10% cashback received is transferred to your account within the following month.