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Yellow protocol of sanitary measures COVID-19 for Banks / financial institutions

Source: e-Albania

  • The person appointed by the branch manager / financial institution performs daily assessment for the presence of COVID-19 symptoms employed personnel. In case of symptoms, the continuation of activity by the related person must not be allowed and should be reported immediately as a case at 127 number. If the person shows symptoms while he is working or after work, this person must be quarantined in a separate environment of the facility until appropriate measures are taken by the health services.
  • In any case the branch manager / financial institution immediately notifies the relevant structures especially the Local Health Care Unit and the State Health Inspectorate.
  • The person appointed by the branch manager / financial institution measures the temperature of employees and any other client at the entrance or exit with infra-red thermometer and immediately notifies the relevant structures for temperatures over 37.5 degrees and if the person shows even other symptoms of COVID-19. No one with the temperature over 37.5 degrees is allowed to enter the bank areas/ financial institution.
  • Regardless of the above mentioned, employed personnel perform self-assessment every day if they have symptoms of COVID-19 according to the approved checklist. In case of symptoms the person should immediately notify 127 and the branch manager. Under no circumstances should be allowed the related person be allowed to continue the activity and as appropriate should be quarantined in the designated environment.
  • Every employee is obliged to declare to the branch manager if they have been in contact with persons who result or have tested positive with Covida-19.
  • Any employee who notices clinical signs during the stay in their house should not show up for work and should immediately notify the branch manager. The employee must call 127 and the family doctor.
  • The subject is allowed to act only on the schedule set by the legal provisions.
  • Banks must install queue machines outside their premises and informative monitors on the next queue number, this to avoid disputes between citizens as well as physical contacts of chaotic gatherings. This obligation falls on other institutions as well as financial business where over 10 people are served at the same time.
  • Getting and returning from work on foot is done by maintaining the distance 2 meters and avoiding gatherings. For the movement with vehicles, should be applied the measures published by the State Police.
  • The subject must provide constantly by his own means protective gloves, masks and hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol.
  • The subject must constantly and with his own means always provide soap, hand cleaning paper, disinfectants for cleaning surfaces and closed trash cans which must be cleaned daily.
  • Employees and other clients should use protective gloves as advised.Employees and other clients must wear a protective mask covering their nose and mouth.
  • In coughing or sneezing should be used the elbow or nasal paper. The paper is immediately thrown into the bin.
  • At the entrance and exit the subject must provide the hygienic product of the hands for staff and anyone entering and leaving the interior and takes care of their replenishment. The percentage of active substance should be minimum 60% alcohol.
  • The subject must guarantee and respect at any time the distance of 2 meters between the employed staff and the clients.
  • The subject serves as many customers as there are cash registers or customer service counters, while others wait outside in turn. Outside, the next identification marks are placed for entering the bank as well as for the queue at the ATMs. At the cash register, the customer-cash distance identification mark is placed.It is recommended to avoid cash and provide e-banking services.
  • Providers of physical security services and transportation of cash enter the environment only by wearing masks and protective gloves.
  • The subject places plexiglass between the employee and the client.In any case, should be provided natural ventilation (aeration) at least 5 times a day. Subjects must take appropriate measures to intervene in ventilation systems where should be switched to natural air mode or through the addition of windows.
  • It is not allowed in any circumstances physical contact between employees or between third parties including greetings.During the break or meal schedule, avoid gathering people in rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms or outdoor environments, whether public or private.
  • The subject must perform disinfection of the environment and washing before opening and after closing, at least 3 times a day. Each employee performs disinfection with the hygiene products of tables, counters, telephones, computers, headphones and any space or object where there has been touch contact at the beginning and end of the shift. The products are used in accordance with the relevant instructions from the manufacturer / seller or the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
  • Employees at work should not use the tools or workplace of colleagues without performing disinfection.The subject must display the list of COVID-19 symptoms according to the approved checklist.The subject must display the informative poster on COVID-19 risk reduction according to the approved format.
  • The subject must submit the application for the implementation of the yellow protocol for bank / financial institution, which includes the obligation for self-assessment of symptoms by employees / administrator / any other third party who enters and leaves the internal premises according to the approved format which mentions administrative or criminal liability for the person who does not take measures according to legal obligations and the green number for denunciation.
  • The subject must fully display the yellow protocol for bank / financial institution according to the approved text.
  • The above materials are displayed at the entrance of the subject as well as in places of visible inside the subject.